10.1” capacitive touch panel with IPS display, IP connectivity and door phone function

you can have it all


Amazing visuals

The high-end IPS display delivers outstanding image quality, featuring vivid, vibrant colours from any viewing angle.

IPS display


Time schedules, user-editable scenes, alarm monitoring, presence simulation, notifications, logic and arithmetic functions, integrated thermostats, four multi-function inputs, battery-backed real time clock, direct connection to the KNX bus...


Attractive visualisation

Intuitive, user-friendly visualisation with a clean and polished user interface. Supports up to 512 custom pages. Graphical navigation through maps and zones, a wide range of widgets, configurable background images, touch gestures, and much more.

  • screenshot
  • screenshot

Remote access

Integrated web server for remote access from any smartphone or tablet, or from desktop web browsers. Compatible with the idderocloud service.

Easy, intuitive configuration

Create your projects in a matter of minutes using the iddero-config configuration software, even without actual access to the target device. Ultra-fast programming over IP.


Door phone function and IP camera visualisation

Receive door phone calls on your touch panel and enjoy high quality video and full duplex audio with echo cancellation. Direct support for IP door stations from main door phone manufacturers(*), and for generic SIP door stations.

(*) Including MURA IP, 2N, FERMAX MEET, DoorBird, Comelit, Mobotix, TCS, Baudisch, Behnke, etc.
  • 2N
  • Mobotix
  • MURA
  • Siedle
  • DoorBird
  • Comelit
  • TCS
  • Carus
  • Adatis
  • Robin Telecom
  • Behnke
  • Baudisch

Available finishes

  • GLASS black
  • GLASS white
  • CLASSIC black
  • CLASSIC white
  • CLASSIC grey


Marketing documentation
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Technical documentation
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