4.3” KNX capacitive touch panel with IP connectivity

be surprised

Now with IP connectivity

VERSO+IP retains the elegant design, attractive visualisation, and advanced functionality of the Iddero Verso KNX room controller, and adds IP connectivity for anytime, anywhere remote control from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android
  • Both direct (LAN) connection and cloud-based operation are supported; no additional configuration required
  • Communications are fully encrypted and 100% secure

Not just a pretty face

Time schedules, alarm monitoring, an internal scene controller, two independent thermostats, built-in temperature sensor, four multifunction inputs, integrated KNX bus coupler... the new Iddero Verso has everything you need for your next KNX project.

A user interface you will actually want to use

Discover a beautifully crafted user interface where every detail has been carefully designed. Combine a wide range of widgets, including RGBW pickers, regulation bars, rotary controls, and much more.

Touch gestures, user-editable favorites page, configurable background images... a visualisation built to meet your needs and preferences.

Available finishes

  • Black
  • White



Marketing documentation
pdf 8.68 MB Jun 2022
pdf 1.07 MB May 2020

Technical documentation
pdf 525 KB Jan 2019
pdf 2.54 MB Sep 2023
pdf 238 KB Feb 2017
pdf 330 KB Apr 2018
pdf 172 KB May 2020
pdf 137 KB Mar 2022

knxprod 1.17 MB Jan 2022
bin 1.87 MB Aug 2023

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