Legal terms

Ownership of web site and services offered

INGELABS S.L. (hereinafter, "INGELABS") is the owner of the web site A web site that offers information on activities performed by IDDERO. IDDERO is a registered trademark of INGELABS.

The site (hereinafter, the "Web Site") provides information to its users on products, solutions, services, innovations and other matters of interest related to the aforementioned activities.

No commercial transactions are carried out on the Web Site and the services provided by INGELABS through the Web Site are free of charge, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

INGELABS has its head office at Av. Juan López Peñalver 21, 29590 Málaga (Spain) and is registered in the Mercantile Register of Málaga, Volume 4034, Book 2945, Sheet 99, Page MA-83755, Inscription 1, with VAT number ES-B92727205.

Conditions of use

Use of the Web Site implies full acceptance by the user of each and every one of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice. If you disagree with any of the conditions of this Legal Notice you should not use the Web Site.

Personal data protection and privacy

In compliance with the provisions of the Spanish Data Protection Law (LO 15/1999, 13th December), INGELABS informs you that the personal data provided to INGELABS by the user, through the Web Site or any other means, will be entered into a file belonging to INGELABS, which guarantees the security and confidentiality of the said data. This file is managed by INGELABS, with registered business address at Av. Juan López Peñalver 21, 29590 Málaga (Spain). The user may request at any time that his/her personal data is updated, modified, or deleted by writing an email to .

INGELABS gathers users' personal data in order to provide the services offered in the Web Site and prepare user profiles to improve and customise these services for commercial, advertising and training purposes. In the event that the collected data were to be used for purposes other than those outlined above, INGELABS shall request the user's express written consent.

INGELABS is committed to keeping secret the personal data provided by the user. Unless legally required, INGELABS will not provide or pass this information on to others without the prior written consent of the user.


The Web Site's contents are intended for adults. INGELABS does not seek to obtain data on minors. If INGELABS becomes aware of the existence in their files of personal data belonging to a minor, it will delete this data immediately.

Industrial and intellectual property

All contents, images, designs, drawings, logos, trademarks and any other distinctive elements or signs that appear or might appear in the future on the Web Site belong to INGELABS. The user shall use the Web Site's services respecting the said ownership rights, and the use of the services shall not grant him/her any rights with regards to the Web Site's contents.

Any copying, distribution or transformation of the Web Site's contents not specifically authorised by the owner of those contents constitutes an breach of current industrial and intellectual property legislation.

INGELABS is the owner of the exclusive rights of exploitation of the Web Site. Any copying of all or part of it must expressly be authorised by INGELABS.


The Web Site may contain links to other web sites in order to supplement the services offered to the user. INGELABS is not the owner of these web sites, so it bears no liability for their contents or any damage and harm that their use might cause the user.

If the user of the Web Site accesses such websites and the services offered by therein, INGELABS shall remain outside the scope of any type of relationship established between the user and the owners of such web sites or any third parties related to them.

Furthermore, any web site owner that would like to insert a link to the Web Site must obtain the prior authorisation of INGELABS.

INGELABS shall not be responsible for the contents of those web sites that include a link to the Web Site and shall remain outside the scope of any relationships established between their owners and users of the Web Site.

Use of "cookies"

The Web Site uses "cookies" to customise its contents for the user's benefit. A cookie is a data file stored on the hard disk of the user's computer that reveals the type of browser or operating system used, as well as the user's interests and preferences.

The user can configure his/her computer so that cookies are deleted from the hard disk or notification is received before saving a cookie.

Warranty and liability

INGELABS has made every effort to ensure that the information on the Web Site is accurate and up-to-date. However, INGELABS neither guarantees nor shall bear any liability for the accuracy and updating of the Web Site contents. INGELABS is not responsible for any error or omission in the Web Site's contents and reserves the right to modify the said contents at any time without prior notice.

No type of commercial transaction is done on the Web Site and none of its contents may be considered a contractual offer to the user. The business relationship between INGELABS and its customers is governed by INGELABS' General Terms and Conditions and/or by other general conditions or specific agreements. The Web Site contents do not take precedence over the terms of the business relationship between INGELABS and its customers, nor do they determine the sales policy that INGELABS decides to adopt at any time.

The Web Site may contain statements of a subjective nature that express the opinions of INGELABS or third parties on future events and which are therefore subject to uncertainty. INGELABS shall not be held liable for the influence these statements may have on the user or their consequences on the user's actions or omissions.

INGELABS is not liable for any errors or malfunctions of the Web Site, whether intrinsic or due to the features and limitations of the Internet. The user assumes all risks arising from the use of the Internet, including the possible transmission of computer viruses. INGELABS does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Web Site's services and shall not be held liable for any damage or losses caused by the interruption of the said services. In particular, INGELABS shall not be held liable due to circumstances of force majeure such as fires, strikes and electric power supply cuts, or any other unforeseen or unavoidable events.

In any case, INGELABS shall only be liable for damages that were foreseen or could have been anticipated during use of the Web Site by the user, and which are a direct and necessary consequence of a grossly negligent breach of substantial contractual obligations.

The fact that the Web Site describes or presents certain products does not imply a commitment by INGELABS that said products will be available to the user.

The exclusion of liability and warranties described in this section shall apply to both INGELABS and its directors, managers, employees and representatives.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The conditions of use of the Web Site contained in this legal notice, as well as the relationship between the user and INGELABS, shall be governed and understood in accordance with Spanish law. To resolve any conflict that might arise, the user and INGELABS expressly submit to the competence and jurisdiction of the courts in the city of Málaga, expressly waiving the right to any other jurisdiction they might be entitled to.

Updated: Oct. 2014

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